Greetings (Again) From Igor

Some time ago, my wife and I took a long Uber ride to the Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life with our driver Igor.  He was by far the funniest Uber driver I have had in Kyiv so far.   My wife and I recently called for an Uber to go meet some friends.  Igor rolled up on his car and recognized us right away.

Igor:  Hey! I remember you! How was your trip to the open air museum?

Bryan:  It was beautiful and we enjoyed it.   Very cold but they were selling glintwein (mulled wine) so that helped.

Igor:  Good, good.  Glad you like it.  Today I am going to be your DJ.  You like classical music, maybe? (adjusts the radio)

Bryan:  Its Saturday, Igor.

Igor:  Ah, right – how about this? Techno?  (adjust the radio)

Bryan:  That works.  You’re a good DJ.  

Igor:  The car is your club, now.  Where are you going?

Bryan:  A cocktail bar called The Alchemist.  

Igor:  Good, good.  That sounds fun

Bryan:  Igor, you lived in Belarus for a long time.  My wife and I are thinking of visiting Belarus.  What do you think?

Igor:  What?! Why would you visit Belarus? There is nothing! House, House, Park, House!

Bryan:  I heard there some very good World War II Memorials and Museums….

Igor:  House, House, Park, House, Tank!  There are many World War II memorials here in Kiev.  Here, there, everywhere!  You do not need to go to Belarus for that.   Everything there is grey and it is not a free country.   I am happy to have left and you should be happy not to go.

Bryan:  Now I am reconsidering…   

Igor:  Poland, Moldova, Georgia – so many other countries close to us. Visit one of those instead.  

Bryan:  You’ve convinced me, Igor.  We’ll go somewhere else.

Igor:  And enjoy every day you have in Kyiv.  It is a beautiful city – the only one for me.  I still want to take my children to Disneyland though.

Bryan:  That’s it over there, Igor.  Thanks and hope to see you again!

Igor:  Have a good night.  Don’t go to Belarus!